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Please note that El Paso faculty and staff should use the TTUHSC at El Paso Professional Societies List at

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The following professional organizations and societies are recognized by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center:

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Requests for new additions to the Professional Societies/Membership list require approval from the respective Dean/Vice President prior to submittal to the VP/CFO Office. E-mail requests are acceptable with required approval.

Please be advised that professional societies/organizations must be germane to healthcare and as such, should have a direct connection to TTUHSC’s academic mission. Superfluous requests will not be approved.

Please contact the Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at 806-743-3080 with any questions, or e-mail your inquiry to Barbara Irwin in that office. If you experience technical problems with this page, please send a message to, or call the Information Technology Solution Center at 806-743-1234.