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Announcements & Events


The list below contains the names of those individuals that have been appointed as announcement and events administrators for their area. They are authorized to post announcements and events. If you wish to submit an announcement or event for posting, please contact the administrator for your area.

If you are unsure who to submit your announcement or event to, please send it to

Please include the following information:

  • Title of the announcement
  • electronic version of the announcement if applicable (pdf format only)
  • the dates for posting (beginning and ending dates)
  • the intended audience (faculty/staff all campuses, faculty/staff for SOM in Lubbock, etc.)

Please contact Information Services at 806-743-2870 or if you need help or have any questions.

Lorena Medrano Biomedical Sciences (El Paso)
Pam Lawson Bldg Maint and Op Lbk
Crystal Furgerson Budget Office Lubbock
Lesley Wilmeth Budget Office Lubbock
Patty Conner Business Affairs
Laree Bomar Business Affairs
Sean Sanford Comm And Marketing Elp
Justin Patterson Communications and Marketing (Amarillo)
Julia Greif Communications and Marketing (Amarillo)
Mark Hendricks Communications and Marketing (Amarillo)
Patty Williams Communications and Marketing (El Paso)
Lisa Ruley Communications and Marketing (El Paso)
Suzanna Martinez Communications and Marketing (Lubbock)
Kathy Showers Communications and Marketing (Lubbock)
Danette Baker Communications and Marketing (Lubbock)
Melissa Watkins Communications and Marketing (Lubbock)
Jessica Bagwell Communications and Marketing (Lubbock)
Kelli Love Communications and Marketing (Lubbock)
Hilary Majors Communications and Marketing (Odessa)
Johnnie Jones Communications and Marketing (Odessa)
Carrie Andrews Communications and Marketing (Odessa)
Cynthia Ogaz Continuing Medical Education (El Paso)
Maria Morales Continuing Medical Education (El Paso)
Jesia Boykin Continuing Medical Education (El Paso)
Andrea Cancellare Delia Montes-Gallo Library (El Paso)
Rebecca Iffert Electronic Medical Rcds Lbk
Margaret Calderon Emergency Medicine Department (El Paso)
Terry Velez Emergency Medicine Department (El Paso)
Alma Martinez Emergency Medicine Elp Genl
Sarah Looten F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health
Connie Rosales Faculty Affairs & Development
Estella Aguilar Faculty Affairs and Development (El Paso)
Barbara Irwin Finance and Administration
Loretta Flores Foster School of Medicine (El Paso)
Sam Correa Foster School of Medicine (El Paso)
Sylvia Duran Foster School of Medicine (El Paso)
Olga Ortega Foster School of Medicine (El Paso)
Judith Marquez Foster School of Medicine (El Paso)
Carolyn Mack Foster SOM Admissions (El Paso)
Martha Guerra Foster SOM Medical Education (El Paso)
Annette Boles Garrison Institute On Aging
Martha Lucero GME (El Paso)
Julissa Marquez GME (El Paso)
Pam Johnson Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Jackie Chavez Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Terri Lloyd Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Tracy Cowin Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Cheryl Shaffer Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Julia Nunez Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Leslie Medina Healthnet Telecom Lbk
Stacie Morris Healthnet Telecom Lbk
Kelsey Few Human Resources
Christy Gresham Human Resources
Mariana Moyers Human Resources
Kristi Huguley Human Resources
Janet Coquelin Human Resources
Pete Hernandez Human Resources (El Paso)
Laura Webb Information Services
Jo Bradley Information Services (Lubbock)
Jason Morton Information Services Admin Lbk
Saxon Lemme Information Technology (Amarillo)
Joel Price Information Technology (Amarillo)
Jeremy McClure Information Technology (Amarillo)
Liz Corral Information Technology (El Paso)
Leticia Perez Information Technology (El Paso)
Veronica Fernandez Information Technology (El Paso)
Hortencia Romero Information Technology (El Paso)
Jose Lopez Information Technology (El Paso)
Rosie Sanchez Information Technology (El Paso)
Abdiel Landeros Information Technology (El Paso)
Bruce Edmunds Information Technology (El Paso)
Liz Rogahn Information Technology CIO
Diannah Sholey Information Technology Lubbock
Ken Jarrell IT Solutions Center
Stacie Gowdy Medical Education (El Paso)
Barbara Stives Medical Education (El Paso)
Brandi Hargrave Office of Academic Affairs (Lubbock)
Karen Verdin Office of Development
Michelle Ensminger Office of International Affairs
Kristin Mauldin Office of International Affairs
Pam Prosser Office of Student Services
Debra Forburger Payroll
Melissa Metz Physical Plant (Lubbock)
Adria Hatley Physical Plant (Lubbock)
Aimee Gossett Physical Plant (Lubbock)
Richard Wood Prestion Smith Library (Lubbock)
Sharon Beckham Preston Smith Library (Lubbock)
Sandy Bagwell Preston Smith Library (Lubbock)
Stephanie Shippey Preston Smith Library (Lubbock)
Paul Landers Preston Smith Library (Lubbock)
Marissa Cisneros Quality Enhancement Plan
Shelley Burson Quality Enhancement Plan
Alison Minish-Ford Research (El Paso)
Lindsay Roberts School of Allied Health Sciences
Rachel Bobbitt School of Allied Health Sciences
Brenda Bobo School of Allied Health Sciences
Lisa Adlong School of Allied Health Sciences (Amarillo)
Sherry Skidmore School of Allied Health Sciences (Amarillo)
Denise Jordan School of Medicine (Amarillo)
Christopher Lopez School of Medicine (Amarillo)
Jocelyn Rudder School of Medicine (Lubbock)
Louis Perez School of Medicine Admissions (Lubbock)
Ernestine Gregorcyk School of Medicine Dean's Office
Victor Gonzales School of Medicine Office of Curriculum (Lubbock)
Cristina McElwee School of Medicine Pediatrics
Christopher Reed School of Nursing (Lubbock)
Adam Wood School of Nursing (Lubbock)
Joe Ferrer School of Nursing (Lubbock)
Becki Stephens School of Pharmacy
Linda Goldstein School of Pharmacy (Amarillo)
Garry Rogers School of Pharmacy (Amarillo)
Rebecca Perry School of Pharmacy (Amarillo)
Stevie Rozzell School of Pharmacy (Amarillo)
Alicia Stringer School of Pharmacy (Amarillo)
Jill Frost School of Pharmacy (Amarillo)
Teri Piearcy School of Pharmacy (Amarillo)
Priscilla Brogdon School of Pharmacy (Amarillo)
Sue Ussery School of Pharmacy (Dallas)
Roxy Childs-Cox School of Pharmacy (Immunobiotech)
Robyn Holtmeyer School of Pharmacy (Immunobiotech)
Salley Martinez School of Pharmacy (Lubbock)
Gabriela Robledo School of Pharmacy (Lubbock)
Margarita Duran SSRFA Lbk
Deidra Satterwhite SSRFA Lbk
Natalie Toles SSRFA Lbk
Lorenzo Morales Student Affairs Elp
Diana Andrade Student Affairs Elp
Cory Robertson Student Senate Lbk
Melanie Clevenger Telemedicine
Erik Wilkinson Unit Associate Director
Erik Wilkinson Unit Associate Director
Dottie Samaniego Volunteer Services (El Paso)