You Can Do This !

With the safety of Allegretto Wave Eye-Q, Texas Tech’s Laser Vision Institute has made seeing better easier than ever.  You can come in for a free personal consult and find out if you are a good candidate, and then it's 3 easy steps to better vision!

Step One— Getting your eyes measured.

A thorough eye exam is your first step toward having laser vision correction.  Besides measuring your prescription, it is also important to measure your corneal shape, corneal thickness, pupil size, and tear function.  All told we measure more than 50 things about your eyes before surgery.  We also look carefully for any reasons that you should not have laser eye surgery, such as eye diseases or medical problems.

Step Two— Preparing for your surgery.

Take your contacts out at least 1 week before your exam, and keep them out before your surgery to let your eyes un-mold.  Start using non-preserved artificial tears (Thera-Tears  or Refresh Plus) four times daily; this will help keep your eyes in the best shape for surgery.  To minimize the risk of infection and speed healing, start antibiotic eye drops the day before surgery and scrub your eyelids morning and night to keep the lashes clean of makeup, skin cells, debris, and bacteria.  

Step Three— Having your vision corrected!

Have a family member or friend drive you to your surgery and your follow-up visit the morning after.  You’ll be in our office about an hour the day of your procedure.  One of our friendly staff members will review all the steps of your procedure and escort you to the room and guide you through the process.  Afterwards we will go over your eye drops and caring for your eyes after your procedure.   Within a few hours you can start enjoying your new vision without your glasses and contacts!

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