Tracy Horany "After my first consultation and doing some research, I knew Laser Vision Institute was the right place for my vision correction surgery. Everything from the first consultation to post-surgery was great! The staff was very professional and made sure I was well taken care of. They went the extra mile when a staff member met my husband at the office late at night to get me the eye drops I needed. There is no question about the value of patient care at LVI. Choosing to have surgery was one of the best decisions I made for my job and my everyday life. I can now see perfectly without wearing glasses or contacts! I am very happy with both the experience and the results. A big "thanks" to the staff and doctors at the LVI."

 Kyle Ferguson "PRK has completely changed my life. The feeling of waking up in the morning without having to find my glasses and being able to see is absolutely amazing. I do not have to worry about breaking my glasses or getting dirt under my contact lens anymore. I work in a very hectic environment where I do not need to worry if my vision will be okay at a moments notice. Now that I have had my eyes fixed that worry is now gone. The procedure was quick; lasting only a few seconds and my vision is now great. The Surgeons and Staff were very knowledgeable and always available throughout my entire treatment. I would recommend Laser Vision Institute to any person considering laser eye surgery."

Debra Nail "Three of the great miracles in my life have been the birth of my children, graduation from Texas Tech, and the vision that I have been given by Texas Tech Laser Vision Institute. I only wish that I would of partnered with Texas Tech Laser Vision Institute first so that I would have seen the other two much better. To be free of glasses and contacts and to see when I open my eyes in the morning...to look at things the way I do now, with a new clarity and to pass an eye examination and know that I am not going to have to spend more money for a pair of glasses or more contacts...all of those is what Texas Tech Laser Vision Institute have given me. I firmly believe that I have made the best investment yet in my life correcting my vision. I am pleased with the staff and my results. Thank you!"

Megan Stockton "When my husband and I first started talking about getting my eyes corrected, we had no idea where to go. We did a lot of research and asked lots of people. We decided to go to Laser Vision Institute and do a consultation and see for ourselves whether or not we liked it. After discussing it, I decided that I did not want to go anywhere else. Everyone at LVI was so professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. Now looking back, I am so glad that I chose LVI, not only did I get crisp, clear vision, I got great professional care. Now I get to say goodbye to boring, old glasses and never have to think about dry, itchy contacts."


Cindi Lea "Have you ever asked someone are the glad they had vision correction? I don't have to tell you all of the benefits -- you can ask ANYONE and you will hear the same response...It is an amazing experience!! I want to tell you what you may not know! My experience at the Texas Tech Laser Vision Institute was one that surpasses any expectations. The words surgery and vision combined is one the sounds a little scary. Our sight is so important to us and the staff at TTU LVI addressed every concern as well as made the experience fun, relaxing, and extremely comfortable. I enjoyed my experience from the consult to the after care. They truly "surpassed my expectations" and I do recommend the surgery and above all I recommend the Texas Tech Laser Vision Institute to everyone!" AN EXTREMELY GRACIOUS PATIENT! Cindi Lea