Chris Sierra

Chris Sierra has been in the refractive surgery industry since 1997.  He received his Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA) and Certified Ophthalmic Surgical  Technician  (COST) designations in 1999. In his career he has worked with well known  refractive surgeons in the New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas regions.  Over this time he has  helped surgeons evaluate, exam, assess, and assist in over 9,000 Refractive Surgery  procedures, and over 7,000 cataract and other ophthalmic surgeries.  He also has participated in  the Visudyne study in wet macular
degeneration.  He joined Laser Vision Institute in August of  2001, and since then has supported every surgery performed at LVI.  His experience, truthfulness and attention  to the needs of our patients are some of the benefits Texas Tech’s Laser Vision Institute offers  every patient at our center.