Texas Tech MedCast Podcast Resources & Handouts
The Reynolds Grant All-Team Meeting
November 9, 2006

  1. Developing a Podcast for the Texas Tech MedCast:  What to Do & How it Works
  2. Podcast Episode Planning Tool
  3. Example of a Podcast Episode Fact Sheet
  4. Print-out of the Texas Tech MedCast Reynold Geriatrics Series website (www.ttuhsc.edu/som/fammed/ttmedcast/ttmedcast_ger.html)
  5. Geriatrics at your Fingertips Table of Contents (topics for podcasts, as specified in the Reynolds grant application)
  6. Tentative Geriatrics Podcast Topics, excel spreadsheet
  7. Powerpoint slides handout for "How to set up your iPod and subscribe to the Texas Tech MedCast"
  8. Handout for The Texas Tech MedCast:  How to access via iTunes or the website and list of current titles (as of 11-6-06)
  9. TTUHSC Family Medicine Podcasting Evaluation:  sample of on-line evaluation instrument

Prepared by Betsy Goebel Jones, Ed.D.
betsy.jones@ttuhsc.edu/ 806-743-1100 x 233
Electronic copies of these resources are available for download from