The Texas Tech Medcast
MedRaider Series
This podcast series is a joint production of
the Texas Tech University Department of English,
the Texas Tech University Student Wellness Center, and the
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Department of Family & Community Medicine

MedRaider was created by & for college students. It covers health topics important on college campuses. Episodes in this series were written and recorded in the Multiple Literacy Lab (MuLL) in the TTU Department of English by students in Dr. Amy Koerber's English 4365 Medical Writing course.

Dr. Koerber and class

The Texas Tech MedCast Series are available as a subscription or as individual episodes at no charge from the Apple iTunes Music Store (search Texas Tech or MedCast).

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Texas Tech MedCast Podcast Series:
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College Students & Depression

Fact Sheet

This episode outlines the problem of depression among college students, the difference between depression and sadness, and methods for treating depression.
The listener should be able to:
  • Gain facts about depression.
  • Recognize depression and seek help if needed.
  • Realize depression is common and affects many college students.

Students:  (front) Jennifer Lindeman , (back) Landon Wisser, Danielle Ivey, & Ashley Sanders

Student Health Physician Mentor: Miguel Villarreal, MD

April 26 2007


Chantix for Smoking Cessation

Fact Sheet

This episode outlines information pertaining to the newest smoking cessation method, Chantix.
The listener should be able to:
  • Learn information about the newest smoking cessation, Chantix.
  • Understand what Chantix is and how it works.
  • Realize the effects of smoking and the advantages of quitting
  • Learn how Chantix can increase the probability of quitting.

Students:  Jeremy Coughran and Sarah Edwards

Student Health Physician Mentor: Arnulfo Gonzales, MD

April 26 2007


HPV: Knowing the Virus, Knowing the Truth

Fact Sheet

This episode helps sort through the common misconceptions about the Human Papillomavirus (HVP).
The listener should be able to:
  • Define the connection between HPV and cervical cancer
  • Define the connection between HPV and genital warts
  • Describe techniques for HPV testing
  • Identify methods to prevent HPV
  • Identify methods to treat HPV

    Students: Robert Macias, Judy Philip, Katie Ranft, and Betsy Lewis

    Student Health Physician Mentor: Donna Toney, MD


    Sports Injuries

    Fact Sheet

    This episode helps students avoid exercise-induced injuries and gives a few tips to staying active .
    The listener should be able to:
    • Avoid recurring ankle sprains
    • Decipher the myths from the facts about exercising
    • Find motivation to stay active and to exercise

      Students:  Kyle Miller, Laura Gottschalk, and Nicole Taft

      Student Health Physician Mentor: Kelly Bennett, MD


      For more information about the Texas Tech MedCast series or the research project
      "Using Podcasting to Deliver Resident Cardiovascular Training in a Practice-Based Primary Care Research Network,"
      contact Betsy Goebel Jones, EdD, Podcast Producer and Project PI.

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