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Call Schedule

Call Schedule

On the General Medicine wards, our teams have a resident and one to two interns.  At 9 p.m. the on-call senior resident goes home and a night float senior resident cones from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. This resident is responsible for assisting with overnight admissions and supervising the on-call intern. The on-call intern is allowed to admit up to 4 new patients per call day. The maximum of admissions to the call team is 8 new patients on to the service cap of 14 patients, whichever comes first. No patients are admitted by the post-call team. The "pre-call" team may admit one new patient and the "sister team" (team that is 2 days from long call) may admit two new patients.

In the MICU, our team has one senior resident (day/night) and four to five interns. The senior resident does 2 weeks of MICU days (no overnight call) and then 2 weeks of night float. Call for interns is every fourth or fifth night. The Senior is responsible for assisting with overnight admissions to the MICU/CCU/ER and supervising the MICU on-call intern.