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John C. Fowler

Associate Professor of Physiology

Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, University of New Mexico , Albuquerque, 1982

Cardiovascular-Related Research Competitive Renewal

Table of Contents

  1. Original Cardiovascular-Related Research Seed grant - 09/01/2005
  2. Cardiovascular-Related Research Competitive Renewal - 04/17/2006
    a. Cardiovascular-Related Research Renewal - text file
    b. Cardiovascular-Related Research Renewal - figures
  3. Ischemic return of evoked potentials and neuronal damage in energy-deprived rat hippocampal slice.
    Titus, Rebin T., Martinez, Gloria M., Omidvar, Kamran and Fowler, John C. - 04/04/2007
  4. Summary Statement, Application: R21 NS055070-0, PI: Fowler, John C

General Interests:

My general interest is the regulation of neuronal electrophysiological activity at the cellular level. Presently, I am investigating mechanisms responsible for ischemic alteration in neuronal electrical activity in the isolated mammalian hippocampal slice preparation. I have a growing interest in using electrophysiological, pharmacological and biochemical techniques in exploring mechanisms of neurotoxicity.

Current Interests:

My current interest is the interactions of the endogenous inhibitory neuromodulator adenosine, the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, and neuronal function during metabolic stress. At this time I am specifically interested in the role of adenosine in hypoxia and ischemia-induced depression of neuronal activity in the rat brain in vivo.

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