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RN to BSN Undergraduate Program

RN to BSN Degree Plan

These courses will assist you in progressing your knowledge and skills for a new professional role and good preparation for graduate studies. They are not designed to repeat or validate basic nursing skills and knowledge, but instead to focus on furthering your nursing knowledge. Many issues will be addressed. Course expectations will include effective writing, critical reasoning, and multicultural perspectives.

Each course is 3 semester credit hours. The total degree plan is 30 semester credit hours.

Course Number Credits
NURS 4373 Introduction to Evidence 3
NURS 4374 Nursing Management and Leadership 3
NURS 4380 Nature of Nursing Theory 3
NURS 4381 Issues and Trends in Nursing 3
NURS 4383 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare 3
Second Semester Credits
NURS 4375 Information Systems and Quality Management 3
NURS 4376 Population Focused Community Health 3
NURS 4377 Risk Analysis and Implications for Practice 3
NURS 4390 Baccalaureate Nursing Practice 3
NURS XXXX Nursing Elective 3
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