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Task Force on Anti-Terrorism & Public Security

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Ronald J. Kendall, Ph.D.
Director, The Institute of Environmental and Human Health
Texas Tech University / Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

  • Founder and Director of The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) at Texas Tech University (1997-Present); Founding Chair and Professor, Department of Environmental Toxicology, Texas Tech University; Professor, Department of Pharmacology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (1997-Present) (Institute Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students – 130; 150,000 square feet, Physical Plant and multi-million dollar annual budget)

  • Founder and Director, Institute of Wildlife and Environmental Toxicology (TIWET) at Clemson University (1989-1997)

  • Founding Department Head (1989-1995) and Professor (1989-1997), Department of Environmental Toxicology, Clemson University

  • Founding Director, Institute of Wildlife Toxicology, and Professor of Environmental Toxicology, Huxley College of Environmental Studies, Western Washington University (1980-1989)

  • Past-President of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), and has served on its Board of Directors and Executive Committee, as well as being Vice-President, on the SETAC Foundation for Environmental Education Board of Directors, and was the Annual Review Editor and currently Terrestrial Toxicology Editor of the journal, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

  • Authored more than one hundred refereed journal and technical articles, and published or edited several books including, Toxic Substances in the Environment, Wildlife Toxicology, Wildlife Toxicology and Population Modeling: Integrated Studies of Agroecosystems and Principles and Processes for Evaluating Endocrine Disruption in Wildlife

  • Made more than 170 public and scientific presentations in the field of wildlife and environmental toxicology

  • As Principal Investigator have received 136 research grants totaling more than 42 million dollars

  • Graduated thirty students at the graduate level, including M.S. and Ph.D. degrees

  • Authored ten courses in environmental toxicology and wildlife toxicology

  • Received the 1996 Alumni Research Award for outstanding faculty research at Clemson University and the 1987 Paul J. and Ruth Olscamp Research Award, from Western Washington State University

  • In 1996, addressed the United Nations Committee on Sustainable Development, United Nations, New York

  • Awarded a Fullbright Fellowship in 1991

  • Serves as an environmental advisor to the United States Justice Department, Environmental Enforcement Section

  • National Board/Committee Appointments (representative past and present):

    • United States Environmental Protection Agency’s, Science Advisory Panel Chair (Member 1996-Present)

    • United States Environmental Protection Agency’s, Joint SAB/SAP Review on “Data from Testing of Human Subjects” served as Chairman (1998-2000)
    • United States Environmental Protection Agency’s, Science Advisory Board, Mercury Review Subcommittee (1997)

    • The National Academy of Sciences’ panel, Environmental Status and Trends (BEST) Program (1994-1996)

    • The National Academy of Sciences’, Ecological Risk Assessment Subcommittee, Committee on Risk Assessment Methodologies (1990-1991)

    • The Endocrine Disruptors Screening and Testing Advisory Committee (EDSTAC) of the USEPA (1996-1998)

    • Board of Research Directors of the Canadian Network of Toxicology Centers for the Canadian Government (1993-1999)

  • Consults with many foreign countries on environmental issues (e.g., Russia, Costa Rica, Canada, the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Switzerland

  • Graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina and received is M.S. degree in Wildlife Ecology from Clemson University and his Ph.D. in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences/Toxicology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and received a United States Environmental Protection Agency postdoctoral traineeship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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