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Our enjoyment of freedom's benefits is challenged by recent tragic events. At this juncture in America's history, public institutions must reflect most seriously on their current and potential contributions to the security of the nation and its citizens.

As part of Texas public higher education, the Texas Tech University System has a responsibility to inventory its resources, examine it's activities, and consider how it can assist in the effort to insure the well-being and security of our citizens in their homes, at their places of work and recreation, and while traveling. With its excellent and diverse faculty, staff, and students and a tradition that combines scholarship with service, the Texas Tech University System has much to offer its neighbors and its nation.

To help me provide the Board of Regents with the best, most current, and most comprehensive recommendations on these matters, I am today establishing the Texas Tech Task Force on Anti-Terrorism and Public Security. Because terrorism takes many forms, threatens the public's health and safety in a variety of ways, and affects society in both obvious and subtle ways, the Task Force includes a broad array of the most accomplished members of the Texas Tech University System.

Charge to the Task Force
My charge to the Task Force is to consider the scholarly and service activities of the Texas Tech University System to:

  • Identify existing personnel, programs, and organizations that bear most directly on the security of the nation and its citizens:
  • Examine strategic plans, degree offerings, and administrative structures in light of America's current and prospective security concerns:
  • Determine how the System can make its resources most accessible and of greatest service to the region and nation.

The Task Force Report and Recommendations will help frame the role of the Texas Tech University System as our nation deals with this terrible trial.

Task Force Calendar
Task Force is to meet initially not later than October 1, 2001. The Task Force will make its initial report with recommendations of the Chancellor by November 2, 2001.

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