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Invitation to 13th Annual Global Biosecurity Symposium – April 22

You are cordially invited to attend the 13th Annual Global Biosecurity Symposium hosted by Prof. Victoria Sutton on Tuesday, April 22, in the Lanier Center of the Law School. Please see the schedule for details.

13th Annual
Global Biosecurity Symposium

Lanier Auditorium, Law School
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
11a-1:40p, 5:00-9:40p

11:00a Welcome
Prof. Victoria Sutton

Scientific Research in Biodefense
Leamons, Josh - Eco-Terrorism: A Legal Update on the Laws Protecting Scientific Research from Extremist Activists

Aldrich, Joel - Legal Framework Surrounding the Development of Vaccines for Select Agents: Do the Legal Incentives Outweigh the Legal Burdens?

12:00-1:00p LUNCH
Keynote Speaker: Annette Sobel, P.E., M.D. Global Biomedical Initiative, TTU

Dual-Use and Biodefense Law
Jerman, Greg - Biotechnology, Bioengineering, and the Dual Use Dilemma: Ensuring Global Biosecurity at the Edges of Scientific Innovation

Stevens, Nick - Avoiding Heating up a Cold War: International Dual-Use Regulation

Mass Gatherings and Mass Casualties
Preston, Grace - No Safe Haven: How the Intersection of International Humanitarian Law and Mass Gathering Law is Destroying Refugee Camps

Tseung, Ashley - Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to Become the Villain: Mass Casualty Preparedness in Hospitals and Protecting Doctors from Liability During Mass Casualty Events

6:20-6:30p BREAK

Regulating Global Bio-threats and Emergencies
Cantu, Karla - Exploring State and Federal Quarantine Laws: Suspected of Being Exposed to a Communicable Disease

Tran, Melissa - Lost at Sea: A Plunge Into Cruise Ship in the Event of a Biologic Emergency

Culp, Josh - Biosecurity Concerns of International Trade: How Vulnerable Are the Economies of the World to Bio-threats?

William Wells - I Saw it in a Movie: The Effectiveness of Health Regulation on International Travel

7:50-8:00p BREAK

8:00 – 8:40p
Agro-defense Law – Are we Prepared?
Hunter, Jordan - Preparing for Agroterror: How is the Texas Animal Health Commission Enforcing Federal Food Defense Regulations?

Anderson, Onzo - Agricultural Security; How a Global Economy & a Global Threat Will Lead to a Global Solution

Carver, Charles - Post 9/11 Water Security and the Vulnerability of Water Resources in the Domestic and International Fields

International Treaties – Effective?
Wissinger, Jennifer - The BWC Gray Area: Locating the Blurry Line of Defining Biological Weapons

Hart, Anna - Should the CWC Prohibit the Use of Incapacitating Chemical Agents for Law Enforcement?

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