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Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget Your Medicine Cabinet

As you tackle your closets and home for spring cleaning this year, medical experts say don’t forget your medicine cabinet. When old medications are left to collect dust, they become potential sources of poisoning to young children or may be accessed by teens experimenting with drugs.

The School of Pharmacy’s Texas Panhandle Poison Center will host a Medication Cleanout™ from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 27 at the Texas Tech Physicians Medical Pavilion, 3601 Fourth St.

The event will be conducted using a drive-thru, drop-off format and signs will be posted. Medications must be in their original containers. To date, 22 Medication Cleanouts ™ have been conducted and 9,600 poundsof unneeded medicine have been disposed of properly. These medicines are no longer a threat for poisoning, abuse, misuse or environmental contamination. Because of environmental restrictions, only medications from households can be accepted; loads of medications from clinics, pharmacies and other businesses are not allowed.

The Medication Cleanout™ is a TTUHSC School of Pharmacy initiative and is sponsored by Voices and the Managed Care Center with support from the School of Medicine and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department. For more information about the Medication Cleanout™ , call (806) 351-5626 or visit the link below.

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