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Recent phishing schemes have been targeted at TTUHSC users which include fake e-mail messages from what appears to be from the TTU System or TTUHSC IT (WebServices) warning you that you need to verify your account information or your account will be suspended. TTUHSC IT does not send out email notices indicating that accounts are expiring and we will never ask you to “verify your account” or “upgrade your account” .

If you have received any of these phishing emails in the past couple days (including this past weekend) and clicked on any links contained in the email or entered your eRaider username and password in any website these emails directed you to, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR ERAIDER PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY!!!

Spammers may wait several days before using your account password to send out SPAM or Phishing messages. Changing your password will prevent them from being able to use your account in the future.

If your account is used to send out SPAM your account will be disabled until IT is able to verify you have changed your password. During this time your account will NOT receive any email sent to you. Don’t miss out on important communications!- Keep your account secure!

Changing your password is critical to prevent your account being used to send SPAM email messages and other phishing attempts. If you have any doubt about the safety of your account password, change your password now before your account is used to additional SPAM!

If you need assistance in changing your password please contact the IT Solution Center or your local IT Support Staff.

• Amarillo: (806) 354-5404
• El Paso: (915) 215-4111
• Lubbock: (806) 743-1234 (The Lubbock Help Desk is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
• Odessa: (432) 335-5108

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