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Participate in a Research Study in Nutritional Sciences, TTU

Dr. Jamie Cooper in the Department of Nutrition, Hospitality & Retailing at TTU is studying the effect of high fat meals on metabolism and level of hormones that control appetite.

Needed: Females, ages 18-45, of all body shapes and sizes (Plus sizes preferred)

The study requires a total of three (3) visits and each visit takes about 7 hours.
You will be compensated $25 for each study visit.
Requirements at each visit:

  • Height, weight, body fat percentage and resting metabolic rate will be taken Blood will be drawn
  • You will drink a high fat liquid meal. Either high in polyunsaturated, monounsaturated or saturated fat
  • Eating a buffet-style lunch
What you will gain from the study:
  • Learning your body fat percentage and how many calories you burn at rest

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