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2014 Class Fundraiser

The Class of 2014 has begun its class fundraiser and will continue through October 11. This year, they are selling whitecoat clipboards and windshield ice scrapers. The clipboards include lab data and normal ranges, along with a SOAP format guide and helpful equations and calculations (see attached example). They come in black, red, white or pink and may be engraved for an extra $5. Cost of the clipboards is $25. Clipboards will be received in Amarillo about two weeks after all orders are in, and emails will be sent at that time. The ice scrapers are $3 for one or $5 for two. There will be a limited number available once they are in hand. Orders should be returned with money to Leigh Anselmo, Megan Sneller or Lily Pham-Smith. If an order is emailed, money may be placed in a marked envelope and left with Toni Johnson in AMSOP 102. The order form is included here.

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