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Amarillo campus provides clinical rotations for third year medical students of Texas Tech Medical School. The goal of MD training is to train well rounded doctors with adequate knowledge of subspecialties. The surgery rotation consists of six weeks of exposure through a variety of disciplines including trauma, acute surgery, and surgical oncology (through faculty expertise within the department of surgery) . The objective of breast rotation is not to make specialists out of these young trainees; however, their objectives focus on base-line knowledge and assessment we expect from primary care physicians who are the first line of care for these patients. In addition, we provide training in breast health to rotating residents enrolled in Ob/Gyn and Internal Medicine programs.  Currently the fellow enrolled in the women’s health program also rotates through the breast service.  The subspecialty breast fellowship training program will not only focus the cutting edge patient care training but also on mentoring junior trainees. This program will undergo accreditation via the Society of Surgical Oncology, which is a national accrediting body for such training that requires a comprehensive list of objectives to be met.




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