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Interdisciplinary Breast Fellowship

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TTUHSC- Amarillo BCE offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum that is integrated in the fellowship program in order to achieve the overall goal (listed above) while maintaining specific focus on the objectives outlined by the Society of Surgical oncology (SSO). Training is directed to prepare highly motivated, talented, and compassionate physicians who can not only pass on the legacy of the fight against breast cancer but also excel in care of benign breast disease and prevention of cancer. This training will be provided through a unique multidisciplinary team approach of patient management focusing on continuity of care rather than fragmented rotations.



The overall goal of the “Interdisciplinary Breast Fellowship” at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is to enhance the experience and skills of recently trained physicians who wish to pursue an academic career dedicated to the management of breast diseases. This goal will be accomplished through provision of an environment conducive for academic excellence via:

  1. A state-of-the-art post graduate training and experience in multi-modality approach towards work-up and treatment of breast cancer and benign breast disease.
  2. A platform for academic and scholarly activities at TTUHSC- Amarillo Breast Center of Excellence (BCE) – A nationally accredited facility for pursuance of excellent individualized patient care.
  3. A vibrant environment for basic, clinical and translational research pertaining to breast disease.


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