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Junk Food Blues


Junk food - everybody eats it! Cancer patients are no exception. For some - it's a candy bar, others like a bag of chips, and just down the street there's the ever-present temptation of a double cheeseburger with fries. Truth is - some of the foods cooked at home probably aren't all that healthy either, especially if fried or cooked with lots of grease or butter.

Making healthy food choices is difficult enough, but even harder when all that sounds "good to eat" after a chemo session is that old standby junk food. It is very important for cancer patients to make healthier food choices because some of the therapy depletes vital nutrients. This doesn't mean giving up your favorite foods, just avoid too much indulgence in foods with lots of sugar and fats. And if you are really craving something fried, use lighter cooking sprays or reduced fat butter. Sugar-free foods are more widely available and taste better than ever. The main thing is to optimize your nourishment with foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

French Fries
Refried Beans
White Rice
White Bread
Bologna or Hot Dogs
Fried Chicken
Milk Shakes/Ice Cream
Fried Vegetables
Sweetened Breakfast Cereals
Canned Vegetables and Fruits
White Flour Tortillas

Baked Potato
Whole Beans
Bran Muffin
Burger with Tomato and Lettuce
Brown or Wild Rice
Whole-grain Bread
Reduced Fat or Fat-Free Turkey
Broiled or Baked Chicken
Mustard or Fat-Free Mayo
Fruit Juice
Crackers or Popped Corn
Fruit Smoothie or Sherbet
Steamed Vegetables
Oat Meal or Unsweetened Cereal
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
Corn Tortillas