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As stated in our Institutional Compliance Plan, "Pursuant to HSC OP 52.01, TTUHSC has... designated the Compliance Committees identified below to assist in the development and oversight of the TTUHSC Institutional Compliance Plan.  The Institutional Compliance Officer (ICO), working with these Committees is responsible for implementing and monitoring a continuous, collaborative and proactive culture of compliance at TTUHSC."

Compliance Governance and Oversight Organizational Chart

TTUHSC Institutional Compliance Committee (ICC)

The TTUHSC President's Executive Council (PEC) serves as the Institutional Compliance Committee (ICC).  The members of the PEC consist of the President, Executive Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents.  See the PEC/ICC members here.   The PEC has been designated as a medical committee pursuant to Texas Health and Safety Code §161.031(a) in its role as the ICC.

TTUHSC Institutional Compliance Working Committee (ICWC)

The Institutional Compliance Working Committee (ICWC) members are appointed by the ICC.  The ICWC is responsible for identifying compliance risks and providing guidance for TTUHSC to conduct its activities in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies.  The ICWC is also designated as a medical committee under Texas Health and Safety Code §161.031(a).

The following individuals currently serve on the ICWC representing the following areas of TTUHSC. 

                    Area Represented


Institutional Compliance Sonya Castro-Quirino, ICO & IPO
Human Resources Gena Jones, DM, SPHR, HR AV.P.
Research Beth Taraban, Sen. Dir.
Academic Services Margaret Duran
Health and Safety Victor Means, Dir.
Information Technology Chip Shaw, IT V.P.
Faculty Senate Mary Rogge, RN, PhD, FNP-BC
School of Medicine - Lubbock Dale Dunn, MD
School of Medicine - El Paso Alicia Gachama
School of Nursing Linda McMurry, RN, DNP, NEA-BC
School of Pharmacy Roland Patry, RPh, DrPhH, MS
School of Health Professions Steven Zupancic, PhD, AuD, CCC-A
School of Biomedical Sciences Sandra Whelly, PhD
Office of Audit Services Teresa Jack (non voting member)
Office of General Counsel Becky Hellbaum, JD (non voting member)
HIPAA Committee (HC)

Please click HC to see this committee's description and members.

Billing Compliance Committee (BCC)
The TTUHSC Council of Deans (COD) is designated as the Billing Compliance Committee (BCC).  The ICO shall serve as an ex-officio memeber and Chair of the BCC.  The BCC specific roles and responsibilities are outlined in HSC OP 52.07.  The BCC (and any subcommittees established by the BCC) shall each be considered a "medical committee" as defined under Texas Health and Safety Code § 161.031(a).
Billing Compliance Advisory Committee (BCAC)

There are Regional Billing Compliance Committees at each respective campus and BCAC members may vary between campuses.  Each Regional Billing Compliance Director shall chair their own BCAC meeting.  Each BCAC is responsible for oversight of the billing compliance plan at its regional campus. The BCAC shall each be considered a "medical committee" as defined under Texas Health and Safety Code § 161.031(a).  The BCAC is further outlined in HSC OP 52.07.

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