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The overall goal of The Center of Excellence for Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics (CTNT) is to serve as an incubator for the generation and dissemination of knowledge related to the neurobiology of clinically relevant disorders. CTNT strives to generate, facilitate, and coordinate multidisciplinary efforts to build bridges between basic science and clinical departments required for the development of novel and improved diagnostic and therapeutic tools and strategies. 


The Center will advance our knowledge of mechanisms of nervous system functions and dysfunctions and neuropsychiatric disorders, which is essential for diagnostic and therapeutic advances. The Center will provide means and mechanisms to meet requirements for successful competitive grant applications at the national level. Therefore, the mission of the Center supports the strategic objectives and academic mission of the School and TTUHSC to enhance research and education.


Comprised of a complex network of billions of nerve cells the nervous system regulates and coordinates important body functions and accounts for amazing sensory, motor, emotional-affective and cognitive capabilities. Disorders affecting or arising from nervous system dysfunctions represent a major health care problem in this country and worldwide. Therefore, there is a great need for the better understanding of disease mechanisms to develop novel and improved diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Research on complex nervous system dysfunctions and disorders requires a concerted effort of basic scientists and clinicians from various disciplines and specialties. CTNT serves as a bridge between basic research and clinical entities in the area of nervous system functions and disorders. 


CTNT provides the infrastructure and expertise for multidisciplinary translational research from molecular to systems levels and to clinical disciplines. Multidisciplinary partnerships through the Center will enhance the ability of faculty to achieve what is unlikely feasible at the single individual level. Participating faculty will benefit from the exposure to novel concepts, diverse scientific view points, and a variety of approaches and technologies through discussions and collaborations.


  • Translational Neuroscience and Pharmacology Lecture Series
  • Grant Development Program (Translational Research Club)
  • Seed funds for collaborative translational research projects.
  • Neurophysiology Core Laboratory, housing equipment for state-of-the art behavioral assays, stereotaxic instruments, electrophysiology in vivo and in vitro, laser- and LED-based optogenetics systems and a multiphoton imaging system, which are available to CTNT faculty to generate critical data for collaborative translational research projects.