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Neurophysiology Core

The Neurophysiology Core (Director, Dr. Neugebauer) houses electrophysiology systems (4 setups for patch-clamp and optogenetics; 2 setups for in vivo recordings and optogenetics), a newly created behavioral suite with a battery of behavioral setups in shielded temperature-, light- and noise-level-controlled rooms with optogenetic tools, and an imaging laboratory to house a million dollar state-of-the-art in vivo and in vitro multiphoton system with rapid 3D imaging, combined with simultaneous point photoactivation, to enable unprecedented spatial and temporal analyses of synaptic, cellular and subcellular mechanisms and targets. A stereology/histology laboratory contains a stereology system with upright microscope, n rotary microtome, microarray scanner, centrifuge, cryostat, thermal cycler-PCR system, and laminar flow hood. Additional areas are designated for animal handling, surgery and postoperative monitoring. Well-equipped surgical areas are designated for aseptic and survival surgeries for the induction of pain models, stereotaxic implantation of drug delivery and optical stimulation devices, and viral vector injections. Several microdialysis systems are located in the electrophysiology, behavioral and surgical areas. The core facility also contains benches for preparing chemical solutions, manufacturing electrodes for electrophysiology, obtaining and maintaining brain slices, and histological analysis of stained tissues.