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Seed Funds

The Center of Excellence for Translational Neuroscience and Therapeutics (CTNT) is accepting applications for seed funds. If interested, please, send Dr. Volker Neugebauer a Letter of Intent with a one page description of the proposed project including novelty and significance, overall hypothesis, specific aims and proposed experiments/studies. 

This information will be distributed to CTNT members in advance of your informal chalk talk presentation of the project. 


Scope and requirements:

 Topic: Translational research, defined broadly as research addressing a clinically relevant "condition", intervention or target.  Research itself can be basic science and does not need to be "clinical".

 Goal: To generate preliminary data and grant applications for external funding by the end of the seed fund period.  A viable  plan for obtains external funding, including a grant application by the end of the seed grant, is required.

 Investigator(s): Team of CTNT members from basic science and clinical departments; additional Investigators and  Consultants can be included.

 Budget request: 1 year, $30k maximum (as justified)

   ***Click here to further view Seed Fund guidelines and key points.    




  • Yoon, Y, PhD (PI), Wilms, H, MD, and Neugebauer, V, MD, PhD.
    Auditory Cortex Implant - Neural responses at primary auditory cortex in response to spectral and temporal signals processed by speech processor
  • Reddy, A, PhD (PI), Lawrence, JJ, PhD, DeToledo, J, MD.
    Protective effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, Citalopram, against Alzheimer's Disease


  • Jansen, M, PhD (PI), Dissanaike, S, MD (Co-PI).
    nAChR-alpha7 and RIC-3 expressions in sepsis and modulation by nicotine
  • Ganapathy, V., PhD (PI), Lawrence, JJ, PhD (Co-PI), Neugebauer, V, MD, PhD (Co-PI), DeToledo, J, MD.
    Characterization of the humanized mouse for SLC13A5, a transporter whose loss of function causes neonatal epilepsy and encephalopathy


  • Karamyshev, A, PhD (PI), Reddy, H, PhD, Wilms, H, MD, DeToledo, J, MD.
    Development of Technology to Identify Markers for Early Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseases