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The name of the organization representing the faculty of the seven major schools and five regional campuses, as described in Section 3, Membership, shall be the Faculty Senate of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), and may also be known as the TTUHSC Faculty Senate, herein after referred to as the Faculty Senate.



The purpose of the TTUHSC Faculty Senate is to promote interaction and collaboration between the members of the faculty of the various schools as well as to represent the faculty as an advisory body to the TTUHSC President on common issues affecting faculty and their responsibilities in teaching, practice, research, and service.



Section 1. The Faculty Senate will consist of a total of 27 members.  Representatives will include three senators each from the seven major schools, and one Regional Senator from each one of the five geographically isolated campuses.  The Immediate Past-President of the Senate shall serve as an ex-officio officer for one year. Only faculty with less than a 25% administrative appointment as determined by each specific school’s policies are eligible to serve as senators.  The representatives will include: 


Three representatives each from the major schools:




School of Medicine


School of Nursing


School of Health Professions


School of Pharmacy


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences


Paul L. Foster School of Medicine


Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing


School Total



One Regional Representative from each geographically isolated campus



Regional  Senators











Regional Campus Total


Immediate Past-President Total


Faculty Senate Total



Section 2. The TTUHSC Faculty Senate shall represent the Faculty, conduct business related to affairs affecting the Faculty, and conduct communications with the TTUHSC President and Administration.


Section 3. Issues of concern affecting the Faculty may be brought before the Senate by the Board of Regents, the TTUHSC President, the body representing the Faculty of any School within TTUHSC, and any committee whose members are appointed by the TTUHSC President. Additionally, each full time faculty member at TTUHSC has the right to bring before the Senate issues of concern related to the HSC in general or involving any individual school.



Section 1. The voting membership of the Faculty Senate shall be the Senators selected by each of the school or regional campus.  Only faculty with less than a 25% administrative appointment as determined by each specific school’s policies are eligible to serve as senators.


Section 2. The Faculty of each School shall select three Faculty members, to serve staggered three-year terms as the Senators representing that School. The process used by each School to select these Senators shall be consistent with the Bylaws of the respective School.  Senators should have attained the rank of Associate Professor and have held appointments within their school for at least five years.


Section 3. The Representative from each campus shall be elected from the faculty on that campus with the representation rotating among the different schools present at that campus.


Section 4. The Senate shall elect from its membership a President, President-Elect, and Vice President to serve for a term of one year as officers of the Faculty Senate. These three officers should each come from a different school.


Section 5. The Faculty Senate shall conduct the day-to-day operations of the Faculty Senate and conduct the necessary communications with the President of the TTUHSC.


Section 6. All actions taken by the Faculty Senate must be approved by a 50% majority vote (plus 1) of the members of the Faculty Senate present with at least one assenting vote from each school.



Section 1. The Faculty Senate shall operate to facilitate open communication between the Faculty and the TTUHSC President, seeking to provide constructive recommendations.


Section 2. The Faculty Senate shall meet at least monthly, as provided by the bylaws. All meetings of the Faculty Senate shall be open meetings unless otherwise required by law or allowed by law.  The Faculty Senate may by a 50% majority vote (plus 1) with at least one affirmative vote from each school elect to hold a special meeting (i.e., outside regularly scheduled meetings) to discuss an issue.


Section 3. The Faculty Senate shall call meetings of the entire TTUHSC Faculty Senate monthly with telecommunication linkage from the originating site to all campuses. The President of the TTUHSC shall be invited to make comments of his/her choice, including possibly a “State of the HSC Address” or use the opportunity to address specific issues of common interest to all of the schools. Special meetings of the entire TTUHSC Faculty may be called by any of the processes described in the Bylaws.


Section 4. The Faculty Senate shall publish on its website the Agendas for all meetings of the Senate and the entire TTUHSC Faculty at least one week prior to the meeting and the minutes of all Senate and entire TTUHSC Faculty meetings within ten (10) business days following each meeting.


Section 5. The Faculty Senate shall provide to the TTUHSC President the names of members of the Faculty from all Schools as potential candidates to serve as faculty representatives on ad hoc or standing committees or councils of the TTUHSC that are appointed by the President. The President retains the right to appoint any or none of the recommended individuals.



Section 1. An amendment to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate may be placed on the agenda of a regular or called meeting of the Faculty Senate if such an amendment is proposed a) by a petition to the President of the Faculty Senate; or b) by a 50% majority vote (plus 1) with at least one affirmative vote from each school.


Section 2. A proposed revision in or amendment to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate shall be posted on the Faculty Senate website at least four weeks prior to scheduled consideration at a regular or called meeting of the entire HSC Faculty. Comments on the proposed revision may be sent in writing or by e-mail to the President of the Faculty Senate up until five business days prior to the meeting. The President shall make the comments available to the membership on the Faculty Senate website. The Faculty Senate shall be responsible for making all appropriate revisions arising from the discussion at this meeting and posting the final proposal on the website. Voting for approval shall be by an online ballot distributed to all members of the Faculty of all Schools and shall be held no sooner than ten (10) business days from the posting of the final version. No action on amendments to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate may be taken unless at least one-fifth of the Faculty Senate has provided voting input. Upon passage, an amendment shall become effective immediately.


Adopted this 7th day of May, 2007.


Revised this 8th day of August, 2008.


Revised this 20th day of May, 2011.


Revised this 3rd day of August, 2012.