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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Faculty Senate?

Some of the reasons to establish a Faculty Senate would include:

  1. Accrediting agencies (SACS) examine the governance of an institution at the faculty, staff and student levels. The Faculty Senate represents the governance body for the faculty.
  2. The Board of Regents, Chancellor and the President can refer issues to or seek input from the Faculty Senate as the recognized governance body for the TTUHSC Faculty or the Faculty Senate can act to provide input to the Administration. Typical issues would include Representation for HSC Faculty on a Search Committee for a New President, review of and comment on proposed changes in Regents� Rules such as the TTUHSC Tenure and Promotion Policy, etc.
  3. Formal communication with the President will help keep Faculty informed and provide a mechanism for them to have an input on issues that affect them.
  4. To not be aware of what is going on and what is planned for the Institution and to not have a voice in the processes is to abdicate responsibility.
  5. The collective voice of the Faculty Senate can provide a positive support factor for worthy proposals from individual Schools.
  6. Formal communication between faculty leaders from all Schools will help develop an interactive community among TTUHSC Faculty.

Will the School with the largest faculty have an unfair advantage?

The Faculty Senate will address issues common to all Faculty irrespective of the School. Each school has equal representation (three Senators from each School selected by the mechanism afforded by that School�s governance) and any action taken by the Senate must be approved by at least one Senator from each School.

Will there be adequate representation from campuses outside Lubbock?

Each School can select their Senators from any of their campuses.

Why are the qualifications for being selected as a Senator so broad?

There are large differences in faculty composition among the Schools in terms of number of senior faculty, distribution in rank, number tenured, etc. Therefore, the guideline qualifications are written so as not to limit the choices within any School.

Why are there only three Senators from each School?

This represents a workable size in terms of obtaining a quorum at meetings and effectively conducting business. As the activity of the Faculty Senate grows, mechanisms are in place to expand the number if needed.

How can a faculty member be involved if not selected as a Senator?

They can volunteer to serve on Faculty Senate committees and submit suggestions and requests for consideration by the Faculty Senate of specific issues.

How does the individual faculty member know what is going on?

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and issues under discussion will be posted on the Faculty Senate webpage.

Why are there not more standing committees listed in the Constitution?

Several standard committees were listed in early versions of the Bylaws but were removed based on comments from various Faculty. The mechanism exists for the Faculty Senate to form additional ad hoc or standing committees as needed. Possible examples would include Benefits, Review of Regents� Rules, etc. The Library Committee as currently constituted contains members from all schools.

What is the purpose of the semiannual meetings of the entire HSC Faculty?

A major purpose is to promote interaction among faculty from the different Schools. Further, it is anticipated that the President would make a State of the Institution presentation at one and the Faculty Awards presentations would be made at the other. Additional meetings can be called for discussion of issues that affect all of the HSC Faculty.

How will balloting be done when the entire HSC Faculty is asked to vote on a proposal including the approval of the Bylaws and Constitution?

Information Technology has developed a secure voting system in which an email is sent to each Faculty member in each School and a confidential vote is recorded when a reply is sent to that email. The votes will be tallied electronically by Information Technology.

Why are there no Senators from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences?

All the faculty in this school have their primary appointments in either the School of Medicine or the School of Pharmacy and will have their representation through those schools.