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An Outline of the Financial Aid Process at TTUHSC



  1. Complete the FAFSA, be sure to include the TTUHSC school code in section H. It is: 016024.
  2. TTUHSC receives FAFSA data from the processor electronically.
  3. TTUHSC sends a tracking letter to the student requesting additional documents.
  4. Student returns the necessary documents to TTUHSC to complete the financial aid file.
  5. TTUHSC emails you a notice to check WebRaider for information regarding your financial aid.
  6. Financial aid is disbursed to your Student Business Services tuition and fee account for payment.
  7. If the financial aid funds create an overpayment or excess on your tuition and fee account, Student Business Services will generate a refund to your Refund Address.


We know the financial aid process can be confusing. Should you have any questions at any point during the application process or just need a little guidance, please feel free to contact us.