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Full Service
BA109 - Basement, Pod A
Phone: 806.743.2094

HSC Printing Center Offices (Temporary Location)
BC122X - Basement, Pod A
Phone: 806.743.2016

HSC Swift Print
BC351 - Basement, Pod C
Phone: 806.743.2094

(Will be consolidating all three into BC351 -  Summer 2015)

TTU Student Union Building
CopyMail@SUB, Suite 100 - North doors
Phone: 806.742.3444


Swift Print Office Copier Leases
BC351 - Basement, Pod C
Phone: 806.743.2094

Any problems with copier call 743-2094 give copier number (see QR Code) and room location, describe problem and we will service as quickly as possible. Paper should be checked and delivered daily and glass cleaned when our staff checks status of machine.


Self Service
No longer supported through General Services - See Preston Smith Library and Student Government resources.