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Internal mailing lists for HSC employees (all regions) are available. The mailing list contains work addresses only and is restricted for use by TTU/TTUHSC departments only. Specialized lists can be generated according to several different parameters. Refer to HSC OP 70.35, Employee Address List for restrictions on use and distribution of lists.. The campus mail system is a restricted state service. The service is not available for the personal use or private gain by non-TTUHSC/TTU groups or for the advertisement of non-TTUHSC/TTU sponsored programs.

We also offer the most technically advanced mailing equipment available today. Bring us your list and we will clean, US Postal Service CASS certify, and full-service IMb code your database to obtain the best postage rates available for your mailing. A regular standard letter can mail as low as eight cents each. See Mail Services for more information on standard and other mail classifications. We offer a variety of services from folding and inserting to on-line addressing in colors. Call or stop by for a personal tour before your next mailing project.

Departments are encourage to e-mail their externally generated or specialized mailing lists. The list will be cleansed and formatted according to U.S. Postal Service regulations. As U.S. Postal Service requirements are constantly changing, it is highly recommended that all mass mailings be checked by Mail Services personnel before being produced. For mass mailings using HSC Mail Services permit #68, see Sec. 1 G of HSC OP 57.01.

Mail Merge

Copy/Mail has the ability to mail merge lists with text and/or graphics (including variable color and variable photo insertion!) on a variety of papers and envelopes. Individualized mailings can be produced as a self-mailer or letters and envelopes may be individually produced and matched. Envelopes are addressed using state of the art technology.

Variable data printing is also offered in a wide variety of fonts. Variable data usually contains several fields of information, such as name, address, area of study, housing preference, account number, amount owed, etc. This is ideal for customized flyers, letters, fulfillment services, surveys, statements and many other options. Copy/Mail has software that allows manipulation of variable data to customize output. Call Garrett McKinnon at 806.743.2016 for additional information.