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Shredding Overview

TTUHSC offers a shredding service competitively priced with all outside vendors. A list of frequently asked questions is below. A gallery of our shred bins can be accessed by the below link.

Schedule Bin PickupShred Bin Gallery and Pricing

Are my documents shredded off site, away from the HSC?
All items are shredded in the main building on the HSC Lubbock campus. Items remain on the premises until they are shredded.

Who Performs the Shredding?
All work is completed by HSC General Services personnel to insure confidentiality of documents.

What type of shredder is used?
A cross-cut (also called particle-cut) shredder is utilized that is fully HIPAA-compliant.

How often are items picked up for shredding?
Items are picked up on a scheduled basis, or by submitting a request for pickup here. There is no additional cost for shred pickups.

What can be shredded?
Paper documents and hard-bound documents are just some of the items that we are able to destroy. Call 806.743.4719 for more information.

What is done with the material that results from the shredding process?
All shredded material is recycled.

How much does it cost to have items shredded?
Paper documents are picked up and shredded at a base rate per pound. If documents are hard-bound an additional fee may be charged. Call 806.743.4719 for a quote today.

What types of shred bins are available?
Click here to view our gallery of shred bins. Customers are also welcome to use cardboard boxes or other containers for a one-time pickup.

Are your shred bins lockable?
Yes. All models of shred bins include a built-in lock. Bin keys are included with delivery of bins. Click here to view our gallery of shred bins.

How do I get started using shredding services here at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center?
Call TTUHSC Document Services at 806.743.4719 today! We can pick up boxed material or get you a bin. Click here for bin options and pricing.

I don't need permanent shred bins at this time, but I have a large project that will require a lot of shredding.  Can you help?
Absolutely.  On a temporary basis, we can provide as many rolling shred bins as needed for your project at no cost for each shred bin.  The only fee that will apply is our standard per-pound shred fee.