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Shredding Bins Form

To make a request for a shred bin, please fill out the shred bin request form and submit your request to 

Download Shred Bin Form



Shredding Bins Gallery

The available shred bins to choose from are below. These bins remain on-premises and are emptied on a schedule, or when you contact Document Services.

Bin Type: Locking Under Desk Bin ($4)
Description: 11"W x 20"D x 24"H, light gray

Bin Type: Locking Bagged Bin ($5)
Description: 21.5"W x 16"D x 36"H, white.


Bin Type: Locking Wheeled Bin ($5)
Description 23” W x 29” D x 42” H, light gray, 64 gallon (240 Liter)


Bin Type: Locking Wheeled Bin ($5)
Description 19.5” W x 21.5” D x 38” H, grey, 32 Gallon (120 Liter)

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