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Viewing tiff images in Windows

*If you are using Windows 7 it has a built-in tiff viewer so you will not need to worry about this.*

In order to view tiff images in Windows XP you will need to go through the following steps.

1) First click Start then click on Control Panel.

2) Now you will want to double click on Add or Remove Programs.

add or remove progams

After a little while this list will populate.

3) Once it has, click once on Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. It should now be highlighted.

4) Now click on the Change button. *Note: if you do not have the Change button you will need to get in touch with your supervisor and ask them to install the new tool for you.

change button

5) Once the new windows pops up you will want to ensure that Add or Remove Features is selected. If so click on the Continue button. If not, then click on it so it is selected then click Continue.

6) Now, find Office Tools and expand it by clicking on the little Plus sign on the left.

expand sign

7) Now you will want to find Microsoft Office Document Imaging.

8) Click on the grey box to the left of it so it expands.

document imaging

9) Now click on Run all from My Computer.

run all preview

10) Once you have clicked that then click on Continue.

continue button

Now Office will configure your new Tool.

image of installation

11) Once it has finished just click Close.

close button

12) Then you will want to go to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools -> Microsoft Office Document Imaging.

This will open a new program to view tiffs with.

13) Once it is open click on the Open folder and find you're document. Then just click on it and click Open and you're tiff image should open up in the newly installed tool.

how to open tiff