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Pager Information

Assistance & Requests
In BA109 (General Services) we are here to assist you with all your pager needs. We can replace/exchange pagers, supply parts or manuals, and even set up new pagers on site. Special requirements and fees may apply.

Please allow 24 hours for all requests. We try to fill all requests within a few minutes of receipt, but every once in a while we will have to wait for supplies or vendor assistance, which may take up to 24 hours.

After hours requests are handled by Lubbock Radio Paging Service 806.762.0811 and may have fees attached to services. Any after hour's repairs/replacements will be charged any regular fees as well as a flat rate after hour's fee.

All fees are payable by IV only, and must be approved by the appropriate personnel.

Request forms (see side panel) can be faxed to 806.743.2079 or emailed to

Pagers & Accessories Offered

Apollo 924

  • Text and Numeric Pager
  • Most common and newest pager type available
  • Horizontal front mounted display
  • User friendly menus and options

Apollo 202

  • Numeric only pager
  • Same design as the 924, but only receives numeric pages
  • Displays "nonsense" or "ERR" if text message is received

Motorola Bravo

  • Numeric Pager
  • Simplistic with minimal options
  • Upward facing display
  • Commonly worn with attached belt clip

Motorola Wordline

  • Receives text and numeric pages
  • Primary difference between Wordline and 924 is user preference
  • Similar to 924 in function and design

Other options are available by request.

Holsters, chains (to attach pager to clothing), battery doors, and belt clips are available for purchase in BA109 for a small fee.

Pager Replacement
PRP-Pager Replacement Program.
LRPS offers a plan called PRP or Pager Replacement Program. This is insurance against lost, broken (other than by manufacturer defect, no charge for that), or otherwise damaged pagers. There is a yearly premium on this plan, which covers one replacement per year. There is also a deductible that varies by pager type. To add PRP to a pager, or to request it on a new pager simply check the box on the Pager Exchange Request form.

Hours of Operation
We are open from 8:00am to 12:00pm, and 1:00pm to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. The office is closed on official TTUHSC holidays, including partial staff days.
Call General Services at 806.743.2093 or email at

After Hours Contact
LRPS at 806.762.0811 or online at Additional fees may apply.