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Things to Consider


Revisions play an important part in the final outcome of any project. For those projects that we help prepare for customers, we want to ensure the final piece surpasses your expectations. As we noted in our Tips and Tricks section, proofreading is vital for a print job. As a service to our customers we will typically perform a spell check on any document we create at no charge. However, spell check is an inexact art and does not work with many names or alternative spellings of words. Please make sure to have more than one person thoroughly proofread any proof supplied by the Printing Center before signing off or requesting changes.

Changes may be requested via phone or email, but if complex changes are necessary we ask that customers fax, mail or email a hard copy with requested changes clearly marked. In instances where accuracy is crucial, you may request that a customer service rep meet with you at your convenience to review the changes and clarify any questions that may arise. You can also request a follow-up proof for large or complex jobs.

Deadlines and Delivery Dates

When it comes to providing a deadline for your project, please be as specific as possible. In most instances we are capable of printing and delivering jobs on very short notice, provided the quantity requested is not overly large or the job overly complex (i.e. requiring additional binding, folding or mailing services). If you do need a job printed in a hurry, please consult your customer service rep and discuss the project with them. If we can do the job, we will tell you so; if we cannot, we will do our best to find a workaround solution. Also, the successful completion of a job may require you as a customer to meet certain deadlines, especially as they pertain to signing off on proofs.

Working With Your Customer Service Rep

Communication is key with any print project. Please do not hesitate to stay in frequent contact with your customer service rep to ensure that your project is progressing on time and on schedule. Plus, if you have any questions about a job, or would like a quote on a future job, give your CSR a shout. They are here to help.