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FSC Checklist

Deciding to use FSC certified paper will take very little effort on your behalf and will not add any additional costs to your print project...

 Choose a certified paper from the current web list located here:  FSC certified Paper

 Identify on your estimate request that you would like your chosen paper to be FSC certified

 Choose an area on your printing job to place the FSC logo and leave an appropriate amount of space

 Review the FSC Logo Guide to decide what shape, style, and orientation of logo you would like to print.  The logo may print in black, white, or PMS 378 green and the background may be any color.  A surrounding border is not required.  identify this information to your Printing Center representative or ask us to decide which logo works best.

 Printing Center will add the proper hi-res logo for you and get it approved by the FSC for printing.  It will be shown on your proof for you to review before the job goes to press.

 The cartons used to package your printed matter will have a round FSC logo affixed to it identifying that the job indeed was printed on FSC certified paper.