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Printing Center

Selecting the Right Paper

Printing Center has a wide selection of papers in stock, including coated, uncoated, linen, brights, and more. Plus, we can order special papers and substrates (textured, vinyl, peel-off stickers, etc.) if you require, though please allow extra time for delivery for these products. Ask your customer service rep for paper samples if you are not sure what you want. Please note that most special order paper will cost more than our standard paper because of the type, weight and availability.

Selecting Inks

When selecting inks other than University colors, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). The University color is PMS 485-red, and the secondary color is black. We can closely match any color you have in mind; just refer to the PMS book when selecting colors. However, please keep in mind that ink color often appears different when printed on coated versus uncoated paper, and will also often appear different if printed on white paper versus a colored stock.