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Press Proofs

From time to time we receive requests for a “press proof.” While we make every effort to accommodate such requests, please note that a dedicated press proof will not be available on every job.

For starters, a genuine press proof is a proof that has been printed on the actual press, then trimmed, folded, bound and otherwise assembled into a finished product that can be handled and reviewed before the longer press run is initiated. While we are often able to assemble a press proof when our digital printers are used, if we run a job on our offset presses the process of stopping the press and assembling a press proof is typically not feasible from a cost perspective. With offset printing, documents are often printed en masse, and obtaining a press proof from an offset printer is difficult and costly. Further, changes made to a document being printed in offset fashion after viewing a press proof require new plates, further increasing the cost of a job.

If a job requires the use of a special printing or binding process that we are unable to perform in-house, we will typically outsource the job. In the event that a job is outsourced, press proofs are often unavailable, as the vendor may not always be able or willing to supply a press proof.

Please check with your customer service representative to confirm that a press proof is available and what, if any, impact meeting such a request could have on your printing schedule. Also, please note that in some instances additional charges might be incurred in the production of a press proof.