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How to Surplus

  1. Online Transfer Request
    1. If you need to surplus an item, review your property inventory. If an item is on your inventory, you must initiate an online transfer request.

      Initiate the transfer to:
      Department: General Services Lbk-20116
      Orgn: Surplus Movers Lbk-201175
      Building: TTUHSC Lbk
      Room: 001 TTUHSC Lbk BA085
  2. Surplus Property Pending Transfer
    1. Once the transfer is initiated, complete the Cognos report, Surplus Property Pending Transfer.
      1. Located: Public Folders ‎> HSC Finance ‎> Specialized Department Reports ‎> General Services
      2. HINT: Use Internet Explorer as the browser.
  3. Non-inventoried Items
    1. Add any non-inventoried items that will transfer to surplus to the Surplus Property Pending Transfer form.
      1. Be as complete as possible in the description.
      2. Print to PDF.
    2. If you have only non-inventoried items to surplus, use the non-inventoried form.
  4. Pick-up / Drop-off
    1. If you would like Surplus to pick-up the items from your area, email the completed completed paperwork to or fax to (806) 743-2079.
      1. You will be contacted to schedule a time to remove the items.
    2. Otherwise, please bring the item(s) to BA085 with the completed paperwork during normal viewing hours.
    3. For computers, you may use the Computer Disposal Form (optional).