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Public FAQ's

1. How does on-line bidding work?

You must be registered before you can place bids utilizing the on-line auction process. Once registered, you will be able to logon, review available property and place bids. You will be able to review and update your user profile, account status, see items you have placed bids on and see items you have been awarded.

2. How do I find Items for bid?

Anyone can view all items available for sale at prior to registering and/or placing a bid. The site includes search options, photos and a description of each item. You may restrict your view as follows: On the far right side of the site under the category “Browse Auctions Within Area”, chose Texas as the region and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center as the Agency.  You may browse items without creating a login. 

3. Can I be on an “alert” list to let me know when a specific type of item becomes available?

Yes.  Set up your profile online at and list the items you need.  An email alert will be sent to you automatically as items are available. 

4. What types of items do you have in the auctions?

Auction items vary from day to day. You can monitor the items for sale on the website

5. Do you sell Computers?

No. The transfer or disposition of data processing equipment, such as computers, is controlled by Texas Government Code § 403.278 or Texas Government Code Chapter 2175

6. Do I get any warranty on an item?

No. There are no warranties associated with any items sold through TTUHSC Surplus. All items are sold "AS IS - WHERE IS." All bidders are cautioned and encouraged to view property of interest before bidding. Should you choose to bid on an item without looking at it, you assume all risk.

7. How accurate are photographs and descriptions?

Photographs and descriptions are provided solely for the purpose of aiding you to identify items of interest. In no way should they be used in making a determination of quality or condition. You are invited and encouraged to inspect any item of interest prior to bidding during normal viewing hours

8. How do I submit a bid on an item?

For on-line auctions, all bids are done on the website

9. How will I be notified if I am the highest bidder for items I bid on using the electronic bidding method?

Once the online auction is closed you will be able to see online who had the highest bid. A system generated “Notice of Award” will be sent to the e-mail address you entered when you registered.

10. How will I know how much time I have to pay and remove items I have been awarded?

All Items are “As is-Where is” and need to be paid for and removed within 5 days of bid closing.

11. What happens if I am the high bidder on an item and I do not pay for the item or I pay for the item and do not remove it before the deadline stated on the “Notification Award of Property”?

If the person/company awarded property fails to pay for the property prior to the time indicated on the “NOTIFICATION - Award of Property”, the property purchased will be promptly re-listed and the bidder will be blocked.  Call 806.743.2093 if special arrangements are needed.  We may not be able to grant all requests due to space constraints and other considerations.  No refunds will be issued.

12. If I bid on more than one item and I am the highest bidder on several items, do I have to purchase all the items?

Yes. Should a bidder be the highest bidder on more than one item, the bidder is required to purchase all items they are awarded. Therefore, please be prepared to pay for all items you place bids for.

13. Can I allow someone else to Pick-up items I have been awarded?

Yes. If someone other than the winning bidder will be picking up the property, please send an email to Dave McMurray or call 806.743.2093 with the name of the person who will be picking up the property on your behalf.

14. What are the terms and conditions of sale?

The Terms and Conditions are posted on each item.  Please pay careful attention. 

15. Are there any handling charges or fees added to my bid amount?

A 10% fee is added to the winning bid.  Please keep this in mind when determining the amount you are willing to spend for an item.