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2012-2013 Presentation Schedule (pdf)

If you would like to present, please contact Connor Hall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Journal Club?

Journal Club is a Graduate Student Association sponsored event that gives students the chance to give scientific presentations and to critically analyze those presentations.

What does that mean, exactly?

Once a week, we get together and one student will present the scientific paper of their choice during a lunch meeting. During the presentation, the other students have the opportunity to evaluate the presentation by asking questions about the paper being presented.

What's the point of doing this?

There are two points, really. One is that giving scientific presentations is a critical skill that will be used countless times over a scientific career, and practice is always a good thing. The second is that as scientists, you can't go through life accepting everything at face value, especially in a setting such as this. It's important, then, to be able to listen to the presentation and ask questions such as:

  • Why is this important?
  • Does the data being presented make sense?
  • Do the conclusions being made correlate to the data that was presented?

Really, it is the same set of skills that you would use during class being used in an applied setting.

Is that all Journal Club does?

No. Throughout the semester, we also have guest speakers coming in to talk to students about special topics. These topics range from things such as writing NIH grants to careers that you can pursue with your degree. We also have special presentations on topics such as graduation requirements.

That sounds a lot like going to class...

When you say it like that, maybe a little bit, except that you get to talk about a paper that really interests you and that you have 20 or 30 of your friends from GSA in the room with you. That and we try to provide lunch every week during the meeting.

Alright, it sounds interesting. When does Journal Club meet?

Journal Club meets once a week. We sit down every semester and look at the classes the school is offering and when everyone has lab meetings and try to pick a day when the most people can make it. The location of each meeting is based on the availability of rooms at the school and by how many people are attending the Journal Clubs.

Is it required for GSA members?

No. We think this is a great way to not only get some good experience, but also to meet and network with other graduate students at the school, so we encourage all GSA members to participate. The only requirements are for students who wish to receive Travel Funds from the GSA.

I still have questions.

You can contact the GSBS Office at 806-743-2556, or you can email the Public Relations Director, Connor Hall, for the GSA. If you would like to participate or set up a date to present at a meeting, email the current PR Director.

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