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Master of Public Health Scholarship Opportunities

Please review this page frequently for new Scholarship Opportunities, Updates, and Application Deadline changes.

Rural Health Scholarship

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) Department of Public Health seeks to recruit and train public health professionals who are dedicated to serving the rural areas of West Texas. In support of that goal, the Rural Health Scholarship rewards full-time students by providing a scholarship of $2000.00, ($1000 Fall / $1000 Spring) which may be renewed each year. Part-time students are also eligible to apply. If awarded, part-time students will receive $500 in the Fall and Spring.

NOTE: Recipients must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA or the award may be withdrawn. Students that receive a 3.0 or better in a future semester may reapply for the scholarship.


All entering or continuing MPH students who work for a public health institution that serves rural areas of West Texas are eligible to apply. Also eligible are student stating a desire to work in rural areas and who are willing to complete their practicum in a rural site.


Interested and qualified students should apply through GSBS. The application should include a written statement from the student about their commitment to and experience with rural population health. A letter of support from the student's employer is required for those students currently working in a public health institution. If not currently working, a letter of support is required.

Deadline for Submission:

The graduate office will send out a notice to entering and continuing students with the deadline for application. Usually this will occur prior to the Fall semester.

Selection Criteria:

A scholarship committee will make selection for awards based upon the students, letter(s) of recommendation and the student's statement of commitment to rural population health.


PUBLIC HEALTH Competitive Scholarship for MD/MPH Students

Competitive Scholarships are awarded by the various concentrations and programs within GSBS. It is up to the concentration/program to determine the amount and number of scholarships they will be awarding each year based on the funds available and other factors determined by each concentration/program.

Criteria to be reviewed holistically include:

• Undergraduate GPA


• Letters of Recommendation

• Essay


• Personal Interview (Optional)

Students must also maintain satisfactory progress on their degree plan and remain in good standing. If a student goes onto academic probation, they will lose their scholarship for the next semester. During the semester of the forfeited scholarship, if a student has a semester GPA above a 3.0, the scholarship will be renewed. 

Award Amount: $500.00 - $2000.00

Deadline: July 15th.

This scholarship is reviewed and approved by the GSBS Miscellaneous Scholarship Committee.

Selection Committee