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Judging Criteria for QEP Categories


  1. Clearly communicates interprofessional teamwork (IT) issue that the poster is addressing.
  2. Includes authors' names, credentials and affiliations.
  3. At least 2 different professions represented.

Significance / Introduction:

  1. Summarizes the IT issue identified.
  2. Clearly states the issue in healthcare (problem/student motivation).
  3. Concisely summarizes research articles and identifies the significance of the issue.


  1. States where the team got their background information (e.g. Searched CINAHL, or Medline for research articles from 2002-2007).
  2. Search terms were used.

Based on Science (Conceptual Framework/Theory):

  1. Identifies a framework/theory that explains the IT issue or illustrates how the issue can be addressed using the framework/theory.
  2. States the original author of the framework/theory.
  3. Identifies the components of the framework/theory that match or correspond with the issue.


  1. Summarizes research collected regarding the IT issue.
  2. Cites relevant quotes from the articles.
  3. The presenter(s) orally relate the results in a concise fashion.
  4. The results are clearly presented.


  1. The presenter(s) formulate(s) suggestions and recommendations concerning the IT issue on a larger scale.
  2. Recaps the issue and findings.
  3. Include(s) implications for healthcare.

Presentation / Response to Questions:

  1. Presentation was effective (delivery/eye contact).
  2. Time used effectively.
  3. Presenter answers questions in an organized, concise fashion.
  4. Presenter added additional insights and information to the discussion.


  1. Information is accurate and logical.
  2. Clearly reflects an interprofessional teamwork issue.


  1. Overall look and layout of poster is pleasing to view.
  2. Easy for reader to follow, not too busy, too small to read etc.


  1. No grammatical errors.
  2. Proper credit/citation.
  3. Uses 5-6 revered journals to support case.

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