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Judging Criteria for Scientific Research

Significance / Introduction:

  1. Current hypothesis is clearly defined.
  2. Sufficient background is presented for understanding of the study.
  3. Significance of the problem under investigation is clearly indicated.
  4. Hypothesis is clearly stated.



  1. Methods utilized are clearly explained.
  2. Experimental design is valid for question addressed. (Are there any methods that would be better utilized?)



  1. Results are clearly stated.
  2. Controls are addressed and appropriate.
  3. Figures/tables clearly convey intended information.
  4. Presented hypothesis has been sufficiently addressed by results and/or future experiments. (All needed experiments have been mentioned.)



  1. Conclusions are clearly described.
  2. Conclusions are supported by observations and literature background.
  3. Directions for future investigation or management of similar cases are indicated/discussed.


Presentation / Response to Questions:

  1. Overall style of the presentation is effective (delivery/eye contact).
  2. Presenter uses time effectively
  3. Presenter answers questions in an organized, concise, and accurate fashion.
  4. Presenter offers additional insight to discussion.

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