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Clinical Laboratory Science


Professional Curriculum Standard Option

Junior Year Fall Semester Credit Hours
HPCS 3400 Clinical Chemistry I 4 hours
HPCS 3405 Clinical Bacteriology I 4 hours
HPCS 3455 Principles of Immunology 4 hours
HPCS 3110 Professional Issues in CLS 1 hour
Total Hours 13 hours
Spring Semester Credit Hours
HPCS 4405 Molecular Diagnostics 4 hours
HPCS 3450 Clinical Chemistry II 4 hours
HPCS 3460 Clinical Bacteriology II 4 hours
HPCS 3470 Hematology I 4 hours
Total Hours 16 hours
Summer Semester Credit Hours
HPCS 3310 Urinalysis and Body Fluids 3 hours
HPCS 4300 Applied Research and Statistics 3 hours
HPCS 4420 Laboratory Management 4 hours
HPCS 4455 Parasitology/Mycology 4 hours
Total Hours 14 hours
Senior Year Fall Semester* Credit Hours
HPCS 4185 Clinical Correlations 1 hour
HPCS 3465 Immunohematology I 4 hours
HPCS 4640 Clinical Preceptorship I 6 hours
HPCS 4480 Hematology II 4 hours
Total Hours 15 hours
Spring Semester Credit Hours
HPCS 4741 Clinical Preceptorship II 7 hours
HPCS 4842 Clinical Preceptorship III 8 hours
HPCS 4105 Senior Seminar 1 hour
Total Hours 16 hours
Total Credit Hours Required Credit Hours
Prerequisites 57-58 hours
Professional Curriculum 74 hours
Total Hours for B.S. degree 131-132 hours
*Curriculum starting Fall 2016 (graduating Class of 2018)

During professional studies, students are required to adhere to all departmental policies and academic and behavioral guidelines as outlined in the Student Handbook and Clinical Preceptorship Manual.

A student must have the permission of the program director to be concurrently enrolled in another university while a student at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.