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Students begin the program in late May each year.  Students will be involved in Level I Fieldwork experiences during the second year in the program.  Following completion of all academic courses, students undertake 24 weeks of full-time Level II Fieldwork. No part of Fieldwork Level I may be substituted for any part of Fieldwork Level II.  The length of the entire program is two and a half years. Students must complete all Level II Fieldwork within 12 months following completion of the didactic portion of the program.

This program prepares the student to enter the field of occupational therapy with a background in basic sciences, theory, clinical reasoning, assessment and intervention, professional practice, and research.  The curriculum covers the life span from birth to older adults, reflecting a broad perspective on physical, cognitive, emotional, social and biological issues affecting activities of daily living.  Lectures, case studies, concept mapping, laboratory experiences and clinical education provide opportunities to integrate prior knowledge with new learning and develop competent clinical reasoning.  This program fosters professional behavior and relies on community experiences to incorporate the classroom material into clinical practice.  Lab sizes are restricted to insure optimal student/ instructor ratios and to enable each student to receive comprehensive instructional and clinical experience. Students entering the program should have ready access to a computer.

MOT 1- Summer Semester Credit Hours
HPOT 5500 Human Anatomy  
HPOT 5209 Applied Kinesiology in Occupational Therapy  
HPOT 5220 Introduction to Occupational Therapy  
Total Hours 9 hours
MOT 1 - Fall Semester Credit Hours
HPOT 5330 Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Part I  
HPOT 5319 Occupational Performance Throughout the Lifespan  
HPOT 5410 Theory and Foundations of Occupational Therapy  
HPOT 5415 Fundamental Skills in Practice  
Total Hours 14 hours
MOT 1 or MOT 2 - Fall Semester (combined class offered every other year) Credit Hours
HPOT 5226 Professional Development in Occupational Therapy  
Total Hours 2 hours
MOT 1 - Spring Semester Credit Hours
HPOT 5111 Overview and Analysis of Occupational Therapy Assessment  
HPOT 5227 Introduction to Clinical Reasoning  
HPOT 5307 Psychosocial Intervention in Occupational Therapy  
HPOT 5316 Research Process in Occupational Therapy  
HPOT 5317 Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation  
HPOT 5430 Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Part 2  
Total Hours 16 hours
MOT 2 - Summer Session Credit Hours
HPOT 5105 Clinical Reasoning for Fieldwork  
HPOT 5142 Assistive and Adaptive Technology  
HPOT 5205 Fieldwork I: Pediatric Process in Fieldwork  
HPOT 5210 Fieldwork I: Psychosocial Group Process  
Total Hours 6 hours
MOT 2 - Fall Session Credit Hours
HPOT 5314 Health and Community Settings  
HPOT 5449 Occupational Assessment and Intervention in Children and Adolescents  
HPOT 5450 Occupational Assessment and Intervention in Adults and Older Adults  
Total Hours 11 hours
MOT 2 - Spring Session Credit Hours
HPOT 5201 Fieldwork I: Adult Physical Dysfunction  
HPOT 5315 Organization and Management in Occupational Therapy  
HPOT 5327 Evidence for Research and Practice  
HPOT 5455 OT Practice Seminar  
Total Hours 12 hours
MOT 3 - Summer Session Credit Hours
HPOT 5931 Fieldwork II:1 9 hours
Total Hours 9 hours
MOT 3 - Fall Session Credit Hours
HPOT 5932 Fieldwork II:2 9 hours
Total Hours 9 hours
Total Curriculum Hours 88 hours