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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule an appointment?

Please call 806-743-5678 to schedule an appointment.

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Do I need a doctor's referral to have my hearing tested?

No you do not; however, some insurance policies may not help pay for the testing unless you have a referral from your physician.

I have a hearing test from my doctor.  Do I have to have another one?

In the test was performed by an audiologist within the past six months, it may not be necessary to retest your hearing unless there are specific tests needed that were not performed.

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Who will do the test?

All of the testing performed at the Texas Tech University Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic is performed by graduate audiology students under the direct supervision of a licensed audiologist.

Will I see a physician when I come for my hearing test?

The Speech and Hearing Clinic does not see patients for medical treatment.  The audiologist will refer you to a medical doctor in necessary.

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How much does a hearing test cost?

In general, the cost is between $100 to $200.  The exact cost varies depending upon the tests that are performed.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the hearing test?

Your insurance may cover all or part of the fees, which is determined by the benefits of your particular insurance policy.  Please call and check with your insurance policy to find out about coverage and if a physician referral is required.

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Can I get a copy of my hearing test to take home with me?

Yes, just ask your audiologist for a copy.  You will also receive a report in the mail following your appointment. 

My baby failed a hearing screening in the hospital.  What should I do now?

If your baby failed a screening in the hospital (or did not receive a hearing screening in the hospital), call to schedule a re-screening.  If your baby also failed the follow-up screening recommended by the hospital, call us to schedule a diagnostic evaluation.  Please do this as soon as possible.

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My baby passed a hearing screening in the hospital, but he/ she is not talking like I think he/ she should.  Do I need to have a hearing test for my baby?

If you have any concerns about your child's speech or hearing, you can call to schedule an appointment to confirm or rule out a hearing loss.

My child is too young for a hearing test, what should I do?

With the technology available, even newborns can have their hearing tested.

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How do you test young children?

Depending upon their age and development, young children may be tested using special equipment that measures how the hearing system works, or they may be tested behaviorally to see how they respond to sounds.

What if my child has other handicaps?

Differences in all children can change what tests have to be completed, but all children can be tested.

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Do you provide new hearing aids?

The Speech and Hearing Clinic does dispense hearing aids.  The clinic works with state and federal programs and private insurances to provide hearing aids, in addition to working with individuals who pay for the hearing aids themselves.

Do your hearing aids have a warranty?

All hearing aids dispensed at the TTUHSC Speech and Hearing Clinic have a warranty for repair.  The length of the warranty varies depending on the type of hearing aid.  The audiologist will describe all this information at your appointment.

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If I buy hearing aids at the TTUHSC Speech and Hearing Clinic, do I have to pay for adjustments?

No, adjustments are covered during the warranty period of your hearing aid.

What if the hearing aid I buy at TTUHSC Speech and Hearing Clinic does not satisfy me?

All hearing aids sold at TTUHSC Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic come with a 30 day trial period.  Your audiologist will work to adjust your aids so that you will get the maximum benefit.  If you are not happy with the hearing aids, you can return them for a full refund of the hearing aid cost.  The fee for all testing associated with fitting the hearing aid will not be reimbursed.

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May I buy insurance on hearing aids?

Your audiologist can provide you with information to obtain insurance that covers loss and repairs after your original warranty has expired. 

I can't afford a hearing aid.  Are there any options?

If you need hearing aids, but cannot afford them, please talk to your audiologist.  The audiologist can explain the options and programs that may help you in obtaining a hearing aid.

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Does insurance cover hearing aids?

Insurance may cover the cost of hearing aids, or a portion of the cost.  Call and check with your insurance carrier to determine coverage.

Do you repair hearing aids?

Yes, we repair hearing aids.  We can provide some repairs during your appointment.  If we cannot repair it, we will send your hearing aids to a repair facility.

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How long does it take to get a hearing aid from repair?

Hearing aid repairs return at different speeds.  Two weeks is the average; however, it can be rushed for an additional fee.

I have an old pair of hearing aids.  Can I donate them to your clinic?

Yes, we will happily accept used hearing aids.

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If I have a problem with my hearing aid, do I need an appointment?

Yes, you need an appointment to see an audiologist.  However, we have walk-in hours during which time someone can look at your hearing aid and determine if it needs to be repaired.  Call our office to find out the walk-in times.

I have a hearing aid but it doesn't work for me.  Can you help?

If you have recently purchased a hearing aid but are having difficulty, we may see you for a second opinion.  If you have hearing aids that cannot be returned to the original purchase facility, we are happy to adjust them for you.  If you have previously worn hearing aids but have been frustrated by their performance, schedule an appointment with us for an evaluation. 

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