Course Curriculum

Fall Semester Credit Hours
HPCS 4147- Clinical Immunology 1 hour
HPCS 4341- Foundations of Hemastasis 3 hours
HPCS 4343- Foundations of Clinical Chemistry 3 hours
HPCS 4345- Foundations of Clinical Microbiology 3 hours
HPCS 4450- Clinical Laboratory Practice I 4 hours
Total Hours 14 hours


Spring Semester Credit Hours
HPCS 4242- Advanced Hematology 2 hours
HPCS 4144- Analysis of Body Fluids 1 hour
HPCS 4145- Principles of Molecular Diagnostics 1 hour
HPCS 4146- Advanced Microbiology 1 hour
HPCS 4348- Foundations of Immunohematology 3 hours
HPCS 4451- Clinical Laboratory Practice II 4 hours
Total Hours 12 hours


Summer Semester Credit Hours
HPCS 4752- Preceptorship 7 hours
HPCS 4149- Principles of Laboratory Management 1 hour
HPCS 4153- Seminar 1 hour
Total Hours 9 hours

*For detailed course descriptions please see the School of Health Professions Catalog

A student must have the permission of the program director to be concurrently enrolled in another university while a student at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

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