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Steve Sosland, VP of HR and Chief People Officer

Steve Sosland, TTUHSC Chief People Officer


My key initiatives are to create a sustainable values-based culture; elevate our HR functions on all campuses to fully support the university's mission; and design and implement development programs for faculty, staff, and administrators throughout TTUHSC. My goals for TTUHSC are to accomplish these initiatives and serve as a role model and champion for our values-based culture and organization.


Values are the deeply-held beliefs and principles that drive our behaviors - our daily actions. Culture is the collection of our behaviors as we integrate as a team.

Both values and culture are an integral part of TTUHSC.

May 2-3, 2018, 100 selected TTUHSC Team Members that embody the diversity of the TTUHSC team and community participated in an off-site summit designed to identify the values, definitions and desirable behaviors that will establish the basis for our culture journey.

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We are beginning our journey to create our values-based culture.
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After the TTUHSC Values Summit, leadership will disperse the information to departments, managers, and team members. As an organization, we will work to integrate TTUHSC's values into our culture, functions, and interactions with our students, our customers, and each other.

Our Values - July 1 Draft

April 2018 TTUHSC Culture Survey Results

The next step of our journey to establish a Values-based culture at TTUHSC is here.

As members of the TTUHSC Values-Based Culture, we are now accountable to live our Values. If you choose, you may print and complete the attached Values Pledge. When completed, please bring the document to your local HR team to pick up a compass rose lapel pin.  By wearing the pin, we are reminding team members and others with whom we interact, that we would like them to hold us accountable.

TTUHSC Values Pledge 


TTUHSC HR is dedicated to upholding the university's mission and developing our leaders. To this end, Chief People Officer Steve Sosland has created five process improvement teams. These teams consist of 54 team members from across our schools, departments, campuses and Correctional Managed Health Care (CMHC) units. 

Thoughts and Readings

Ann Rhoades and Gayle Watson of People Ink are facilitating our Values Summit. While serving as the Chief People Officer of Southwest Airlines, Ann led their effort to create a sustainable values-based culture there. I highly encourage everyone to read Ann's book Built on Values.

Built on Values - Book Summary


Steve Sosland, TTUHSC CPO