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Presentation Templates

Presentation Templates

Presentations should be produced with the same discipline and care as all other marketing and communication materials. Our formal presentation template has title slides that accommodate large images for special presentations where size of the digital file is less of an issue. We've also provided a basic template using smaller title images to improve file size efficiencies when transmitting via email.

An expanded secondary color palette has been included to support the large and diverse number of charts, graphs and other information graphics common to most presentation needs.

Our presentation templates have been specifically developed for general communication and marketing use, but are available for instructional use by faculty.

Presentation Typography

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In presentations distributed electronically to the general population, we substitute Times New Roman for Charter and Arial for Helvetica Neue in comparable styles and weights due to their universal availability in word processing and presentation applications. Do not develop digital documents for distribution that are dependent upon either Charter or Helvetica Neue being resident within the user's computer for proper viewing. Utilizing the predefined styles within our templates will ensure a consistent appearance between presentations, especially when individual slides or sections are combined at a later date.

Presentation Imagery

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A small group of additional images for title and basic text and image slides has been assembled from the production of new enrollment materials for Texas Tech University. They include some imagery that is either specific to TTUHSC or appropriate for its use, these images are available for presentation needs.

These images have been optimized for use in presentations only. As a result of their lower resolution requirements, they should not be used for printing or any other publishing applications. Contact the TTUHSC Printing Center at (806) 743-2016.

When importing new images into presentations, reducing the size and resolution of those images prior to importation will dramatically reduce your file size. Images saved to 150 dots per inch (dpi) at their final size within the presentation will ensure that they both display and print satisfactorily on digital printers. These images are not appropriate for enlargement or offset printing.

Presentation Tips

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  • The following rules are designed to help you maximize the effectiveness of your presentations:

    Keep it simple.

    Use the appropriate slide master.

    Include only relevant visual aids.

    Eliminate extraneous content.

    Use type no smaller than 18 pt.

    Use pre-defined type sizes, colors and charts.

    Use only the Times New Roman and Arial typefaces.

    Limit bullets to five or six per slide.

    Limit bullets to a single line.

    Bullets should be red and type should be black.

TTUHSC Presentation Template & Files

PowerPoint Template