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TTUHSC Identity Guidelines

Visual Elements

The following elements comprise the most essential components of our visual identity.

Maintaining a consistent identity is critical to advancing our position among our competitors. It is the most fundamental principle we engage to build repetitive impressions and establish presence in the minds of our target audiences. These graphic standards and design guidelines are official policy of the Texas Tech University System and should be followed with due diligence.

By being disciplined in the use of our core visual elements, professional graphic designers will ensure that every piece of communication carries with it the essential recognition that is so critical to enhancing and advancing Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center's brand image. Throughout the guidelines you'll find numerous examples of design solutions for a wide range of marketing and communication materials. Using our core visual elements and adhering to the fundamental concepts and design principles detailed in these guidelines will ensure that all of your solutions will be "on brand." You should approach these guidelines as you would a visual language.

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